Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Video clips from Northern Voice09

I attended NorthernVoice 09, a blogging conference back in February in Vancouver. Since then, a number of the sessions have been posted as videos. You can find a listing of them here.

I'd like to recommend one in particular. Rob Cottingham is a very funny guy, who gave a great keynote address on Saturday. Here's a link to the video (or you can watch a slightly smaller version down below). The jokes come fast and furious, so it may take a couple of viewings to get them all. But it's very good fun.

And if you're interested in technical stuff, Bruce Sharp, the wizard behind lots of cool audio and video software (podcasters will recognize The Levelator) at Singular Software, wrote a post about all the work involved in making the whole thing sound so good. Nice techy stuff...


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