Monday, March 16, 2009

Heading home on the high road

The view outside is mesmerizing, even if the window in the plane is a bit dirty. I came home to Victoria today from Regina, wrapping up a quick, three-day visit to Regina for my Mom's 87th birthday.

I had hoped for a clear day as I headed west across the prairies and over the mountains but the weather wasn't co-operating. I'm still kicking myself for leaving my camera in the overhead bin on the trip out. The views of the mountains were the best I'd ever seen. Too bad you couldn't see them. On this trip, the clouds were out most of the way, although they did break for a bit when I shot this picture. I'm not sure what the big lake is down below, but it certainly is large. I think we were heading over Alberta, just before the foothills at this point.

One travel-related note. If you're flying out of Regina, be prepared to be subjected to the most thorough security in Canada. I'm not sure why but the staff there are zealous in their efforts. I have to pass certain items through by hand each time I travel and while I don't get many questions elsewhere, in Regina, I get a thorough questioning, then a full search of all my carry-on stuff. It happens every time - and I'm not the only one. So be sure you're following all the rules around the sizes of your toiletries, etc., when you fly out of that airport. The people are polite - but very strict.

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