Saturday, March 21, 2009

Great Blue Herons Heading Home

Great Blue Herons Heading Home

Today's photo is going to need an explanation. (Click on the pic to see a larger image on my Flickr site) You'll have to take my word for it when I tell you that the birds you see flying around (they are the black specks floating around the top of the photo) are Great Blue Herons. They've established a rookery in the park near our home.

Their long-established rookery used to be in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria until a bald eagle destroyed it last year. Local birders were concerned that they wouldn't re-establish it anywhere in the area, but then they showed up in our park. Last year, there were only a handful of nests. Now there appear to be dozens.

Today, I was out walking and I happened to look up to see about 35 birds flying above me. While I grabbed my camera, they circled, then settled into the trees. It was an amazing sight. They have a huge wingspan and float effortlessly into the trees. When they move from branch to branch, they spread their wings and just move over to the next branch. They seem to defy gravity.

Unfortunately, I have a small camera, with a short lens. So the beauty that I was watching today was for my eyes only. If you get a chance to watch these remarkable birds in your area, take the opportunity. You'll enjoy it.

Here's a link to a Wikipedia page about the herons, if you want to read some more about them.

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