Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Heading down to the ocean

Colquitz creek is a beautiful bit of water that winds its way along the edge of the park near our home. Fresh water flows down from the north, working its way through neighbourhoods, parkland and along roadways winding through Saanich. From where I'm standing on a bridge that spans it at the south end of the park, it's just a short paddle out to Portage Inlet, the large body of water at the end of the Gorge Waterway. The creek here is subject to the large tides we have in Victoria and it changes every day from a flowing river to more of a series of mudflats at low tide. But there's lots of wildlife and it makes for a great paddle. We've seen otters and herons and lots of ducks. People say they've seen seals in the past, but there haven't been any for a long time. It was a great salmon spawning area at one time but that seems to have stopped, at least in the last few years since we've been here. But there are efforts underway to try to bring the salmon back. That would be a pretty amazing sight to see in the middle of the city.

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