Sunday, March 15, 2009

The dinner crowd

The dinner crowd
These are most of the people I spent the past weekend with in Regina. We were there to celebrate my Mom's 87th birthday. Unfortunately, my sister Janice is seated just to my right and I didn't get her in this image, which is pieced together from 3 shots.

From the left, Zola, Trish, Sue, Beth, Ken, Byron. You can figure out the relationships. And on the far right, although you can't see her, is Janice.

This photo was taken at Peking House, where we enjoyed a fine dinner -- and great conversation, thanks to the round tables, which Sue was thoughtful enough to reserve.

I'm heading home tomorrow with lots of good memories. I'll also put a set of photos together of our mini-reunion and get Janice and Trish and Sue to contribute.

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