Monday, March 23, 2009

Crossing the finish line

I'm turning the feature photo over to my wife Heather today. She snapped this pic at the end of Jaime's first half-marathon, which she ran on Sunday. The race was in Comox. Jaime had originally planned to run it with her roommate but when she had to pull out, Heather decided to take her up there so she could race it herself. (Jaime, that is, not Heather.)

Jaime said it went better than she had hoped for. She ran the first half at a good pace, but realized at the half-way point that she could go a lot faster. So she spent the second half of the race passing people ahead of her -- great fun for a kid that never gets tired of competing. When she was rowing in high school, she used to race the dump trucks driving along the shoreline in the morning.

This was her first half marathon - in fact, it was her first distance race of any kind. A very impressive first outing. She's already looking forward to the Vancouver half marathon in May. She may have caught that running bug that's going around - fortunately, I've dodged it so far...

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