Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Brentwood Bay Ferry Terminal

Today was a grey day, as you can see from this photo. I was struck by the monochromatic lighting except for the splashes of colours on the boats and a slight green cast over the rocks on the beach. (Click on the photo to see a larger version on my Flickr site.)

I was at Brentwood Bay to pick up a friend who had been visiting his mother in Mill Bay, a short ferry ride across the water. He lives in Halifax now but we grew up together in Regina, where our parents were very close friends. Over the years, Rick and I have fluctuated between being really close and hardly seeing each other. But the best thing about old friends from our childhood is how comfortable we are together. It's like the years just fall away when we sit down at Smitty's for a meal before I drop him off at the airport.

We talk about our kids, our parents, our jobs and all the things that are going on in our lives. It's a good break from our routines. When we're done, he's back on a plane, looking at a long, overnight trip back to the snowy, cold East Coast. It may be grey here today but I'm happy to be here.

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