Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fond memories coming up

I did a good thing today and got our old VHS tapes of the kids birthday parties and other significant events transferred to DVD before they became unviewable. While the quality of the pictures isn't that great, they sure give me a warm feeling when I watch. Those years were wonderful...I would like to be back there again.

So in honour of my kids, the stars of so many videos and the authors of some of the best moments of my life, I dug up this shot of the three of them climbing the walls in our house in Regina. There's another one that some of you may have seen, in a similar pose, with their Christmas best duds on. This is from the same set, but it's from the working series, where we were practicing to get the shot just right and they hadn't gotten dressed up yet. You can see they knew what they were doing. And nobody got hurt, which is always a plus.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Regina to celebrate my Mom's 87th birthday, with all of my siblings and Cory too. I'm really looking forward to sharing her special day and telling lots of stories with my family.

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