Saturday, August 12, 2006

Proud Papa Update - Henley, Day Five

This is the post I've been waiting four years to write -- Jaime won her first Henley Gold today!

She was part of the Senior Lightweight Women's Eight and they roared to a convincing first-place finish this afternoon. Man, was it fun to watch them cross that line.

I was so choked up, I could barely talk, but I did manage to get to the medal stand and catch this great photo of Jaime, looking very proud and holding tight to that great big trophy. (There were eight other people in the photo too, but I only have eyes for Jaime at this point!)

What a day! And what a Henley for Jaime. She had a first, a second and a fourth-place finish. She made every final. And today, in her last race for the Leander Boat Club, she wins a Gold medal. What a great way to finish.

She was very disappointed at her second place showing in the single this week. But if anything, it only made her more determined to lead her boat to a victory in the Eight. And that's just what happened.

I was in Victoria watching Jaime when she just missed a spot on the National Under 23 Team in June. I watched as she shook off that huge disappointment and turned it into a positive. She vowed to take this opportunity to win a Gold at Henley. And now she's done it. I am constantly in awe of how cool my kids are.

In a couple of days, we're wrapping up this stage of our lives. Tuesday morning, Jaime, Kelly and I are leaving for good. We're dropping Kelly off in Louisville, then Jaime and I are continuing on to Victoria. It will be hard to say goodbye to Hamilton, and all the good rowing memories we have here. But there's plenty more good things to come -- that's for sure.

And now it looks like our son, Cory -- the non-rowing kid, who was there with me today, cheering louder than anyone -- is going to join the move to the West. He just got back from a vacation in Saskatchewan and he sounds pretty determined to move out there next spring. It will be great to have him a little closer to us.

This is one very Proud Papa, wrapping up this Henley regatta. Who knows? Maybe we'll do this again next year!

And just to be fair to the other rowers, here's a full shot of all the gold-medal rowers, the Leander Senior Womens Lightweight Eight - Henley Champions for 2006!

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Cyrus Mavalwala said...

A wonderful achievement for sure. And a reminder to us all that perseverance always wins.

Anonymous said...

We are all very proud of both Jaime and Kelly. We have been watching the results and following the updates all week. What a perfect way for Jaime to finish her last race with Leander.

...see ya on the coast!


donna papacosta said...

Wonderful! I can't imagine how much hard work was behind this success! Congratulations to your daughters.
Great photos, too, Dave!

Dave said...

Thanks for all the nice comments...It's nice to know that you share my enthusiasm for this stuff. I'll be sure to pass all the congrats along to Kelly and Jaime.

Paul said...

Congrats and have a safe move.