Friday, August 18, 2006

The cross country road trip continues

Still on the road, but the beds are getting worse.

Yes, it's the curse of the motel beds hitting me. I woke up this morning near Rockford, Illinois with an aching back. Oh well. Just another good reason to get up, walk the dogs and hit the road early, I guess.

Yesterday was a tough day, but a good one. Eighteen years ago, I watched Kelly come into my world. Yesterday, I watched her leave it.

I know that she's not really gone -- just like all my other kids. But there's something final about saying so long to the last one that was living with you. It does make it feel like you're moving into a new stage. And that's certainly what I'm doing by packing up and heading to the other end of the country.

So Jaime and I packed up our tears, dogs, bicycle and everything else and headed out of Louisville north to Canada. We should be in Saskatchewan tomorrow, if all goes well.

I'm sitting in the lobby of a Motel 6, with several annoyed people watching me and waiting their turn on this shared terminal, so I'm going to sign off. See you back in the big country to the north...


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave and Jaime:

We've been thinking of you. Must have been a hard day for both of you, saying goodbye to Kelly. Such a mix of emotions! You and Heather have raised terrific, confident, kind kids -- only hope that Darryl and I can say the same in 10 years time.

Enjoy the rest of the trip....

Karen et al

Dave said...

Thanks Karen...this has been a great trip. I haven't said much about the dogs, but they've been tremendous. Not a peep of complaint and they're sleeping peacefully beside me right now in the hotel room. The van is running great, the dogs are fine, we're happy. It's going great. It's tough to see the kids leave the nest, but maybe since we're moving the nest, the excitement of it all will make it a little easier.

Kelly said...

Well that was a hard one to read dad! But just remember that it will never be the end just goodbye for a few months until I come home to you! Believe me it was EXTREMELY tough for me to say goodbye to my biggest fan! I love you so much and I miss you and I'm so excited for your next few months. I love you!

Love your baby

Dave said...

Thanks Kelly...I'll always be your number one fan.