Thursday, August 31, 2006

My off-line time may be longer than expected

I had planned to be back blogging by now, but I've run into a few snags here in Victoria that will keep me off-line for a few more days.

The big one is that our household furnishings haven't arrived yet. So we're still struggling a bit, and I don't have any of my office equipment yet.

When we originally booked our move, we didn't have an address in Victoria, so we were going to have our stuff sent out in a container and stored for awhile. Containers travel slower than trucks, but that wouldn't have been a problem. But when we got our new house, we changed our order to get the stuff delivered quicker.

Unfortunately, the order didn't get processed properly at the head office of the moving company, so our stuff didn't even leave Hamilton until last week...then it got lost on the road, then the truck broke down -- it was quite a litany of problems. The end result is that we might get delivery tomorrow but if not, then it won't be until after Labour Day. Oh well...

In the meantime, the weather here has been outstanding. Nothing but sunshine the whole time. I've been having fun finding new places to walk the dogs and Roxy has discovered that there is nothing better in this world than swimming. We can't keep her out of the water!

So, until I can get my office set up, my chances to blog are not that good. Did I mention that my hard drive on my PowerBook died just before I left? I'm still waiting to see whether it can be fixed -- so I don't have a computer at the moment that's working.

Oh, and one more thing. Since every student out here is trying to get Internet access set up, we're on a long list to get that as well...another thing I over-looked in the run-up to the move. I should have booked a time before I left Hamilton. But they are supposed to come and get us hooked up at the end of next week. So, assuming that my stuff has all arrived, we should be back in business before too long.


Anonymous said...'s never simple is it....

I flew over your house (i least the general vicinity) at about 7am this morning. It was indeed another perfect late summer Victoria day.


JAime said...

Your "offline time" is getting to the point that people are going to start wondering if you've decided to eschew computers altogether... And think of your university-age readers - how can your blog contribute to procrastination efforts if it's not updated!

Anonymous said...

Hey...non-university age people need help procrastinating as well!