Friday, August 11, 2006

Proud Papa Update - Henley, Day Four

The wind picked up at the Henley course today, blowing from the east and straight into the rowers. It made for a very difficult row and a lot of very, very exhausted kids at the end of their 2,000 metre endurance test.

Unfortunately for Kelly, her Junior Women's 8 race was the toughest of the four heats, and her boat ended up in 5th position. Only the top 3 boats in each heat advanced. Ironically, Leander's time would have qualified them in any of the other heats - but that's the way it is in rowing. You take what the rowing gods (or the regatta organizers) throw your way.

So Henley is over for another year for Kelly. But there's always next year and if anything, she's more determined than ever to get to the finals next year. We'll see what a year of hard work at the University of Louisville does for her. I suspect it will be impressive.

Jaime had an off-day today, taking advantage of the downtime to get a massage and hang out with some of her friends from Victoria who are also at the Henley.

Tomorrow, she'll be rowing in the finals one final time -- as part of Leander's Senior Lightweight 8.

Jaime announced yesterday to the Hamilton Spectator that she won't be coming back to the Henley again. But she's determined to leave with at least one Henley Gold in her pocket. It's a prize that's eluded her in four years of trying, as this story in today's Spec points out.

So my involvement in the Henley is almost over. It's been a great ride having two such talented rowers in the family. I don't know whether I'll be back again in summers to come -- we'll just have to wait and see. But I thoroughly enjoyed the many hours of hanging out at the course and watching the races. It's made me a very Proud Papa indeed.

I'll have my final update tomorrow...

Here's the updated schedule and of course, you can watch the results of Jaime's last race live at the Henley website.
HENLEY SCHEDULE - AUG 8-13 (Updated Aug 11)

TUESDAY (heats)
8:42 Kelly (Jr. Women Cox Four) RESULT 3rd - Did not advance
1:01 Jaime (Sr. B Lwt Women Single) RESULT - 1ST - Advance to semi
3:49 Kelly (Jr. Women Single) RESULT - 2nd Advance to semi
4:03 Jaime (Sr. Lwt Women Double) RESULT - 3rd Advance to semi

4:52-4:59 Jaime (Sr. B Lwt Women Single) RESULT 2nd - Advance to Final
5:27-5:41 Kelly (Jr. Women Single) RESULT 3rd - Did not advance
5:48-5:55 Jaime (Sr. Lwt Women Double) RESULT 3rd - Advance to Final

THURSDAY (finals)
4:40 Jaime (Sr. B Lwt Women Single) RESULT 2nd
5:40 Jaime (Sr. Lwt Women Double) RESULT 4th

FRIDAY (heat)
10:41 Kelly (Jr. Women Eight) RESULTS 5th - Did not advance

SATURDAY (semi and final)
3:15 Jaime (Sr. Lwt Women Eight) (FINAL)

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