Friday, January 20, 2006

You mean "daily" is like, every day?

Who knew? Well, I did, actually. But perhaps I was a tad optimistic when I chose that name way back in April, 2004. Since then, I'm not sure I've ever managed to hit the magic post-a-day pace The Daily Upload name implies.

Perhaps the "Every-so-often Upload" would have been more appropriate, but it doesn't have the same sex appeal, you know what I mean?

I was chatting with a colleague today, who pointed out that while they were a regular reader of my musings, they tended to visit more often than I posted! Ouch!

So, loyal readers, I am once again going to make an effort to make this place a more lively spot. I know I've said that before, but that's just the way it is. Perhaps if I can commit to more posts, you'll consider adding more comments. I just don't seem to generate much excitement among my readers, apparently (except for Paul and Melanie, of course -- thanks!)

Today, I'm turning to a recurring theme here at The Daily Upload, which is the activities of my children. (If you're new here, look at the search results for Proud Papa!)

I was just looking through my previous postings and I realized that I overlooked a rather momentous event in Jaime's life, which finally occurred a few weeks ago. She finally made her first-ever leap out of an airplane!

That's her on the right, hanging on to the wing, with the countryside around Victoria, BC, spread out a few thousand feet below. And though you can't see it, she was grinning like a madwoman, she claims.

She's got other pictures as well. If you want to see more, check out her photo set on Flickr. She was very pumped up about the whole thing, and I suspect that wasn't her last jump.

I've never had the nerve to do what she did. But it was something she really wanted. She asked for the classes and the first jump as her birthday present (she turned 19 in October). But she had to wait for weeks until circumstances worked out just right. But the wait was worth it, she said. She had a grin that just wouldn't come off the whole way down!

Jaime's now settling into a new house in Victoria with a couple of other rowers. They're very excited and very much enjoying having Mom around for a couple of months.

For those who might have missed that bit of news, my wife, Heather, is living in Victoria for a couple of months, filling in for a couple of midwives out there. Then, in July, she'll be making the move out to Vancouver Island permanently. I'm going to follow her there in August, after Kelly heads off to university. Talk about a radical entry into the "empty nest!"

But that's another "Daily Upload" and this one is done.

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