Thursday, December 06, 2007

If you don't know what an F6 is, read on

images.jpegI'm a closet opera fan. In fact, I'm so far in the closet that I don't even own any opera recordings, except for some Pavarotti songs I picked up after he died.

But I secretly yearn to be a fan. Remember the scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts to the opera and tell her that if you cry you'll get it - and she does? (I'm hopelessly mangling that scene, but if you remember it, you'll know what I mean.) I cried when I watched that scene, so I think I qualify. (Of course, the fact that I cry during movies like Pretty Woman probably indicates other things about me, but let's not go there.)

Long story short -- I want to point you to a blog post by Mr. Andy Ihnatko over on the wonderful CWOB (Celstial Waste of Bandwidth) website that I just know you're going to love as much as I do.

Andy is probably my favourite blogger - an absolute must-read. (He's worth following on Twitter too).

Right now, he's running a series called Itunes Advent Calendar, in which he offers up a juicy morsel from Itunes for each day of Advent.

But enough from me. Go ahead and read his post, watch the video and see whether it makes you cry. Then you can join the club.

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