Monday, November 26, 2007

Riders rule!

Rider_logo.jpgI've been away for a long time (some of it work, some of it vacation) and I've neglected my blog.

I've got lots of things to say, but for now, let's just savour the moment.

Did you watch the Grey Cup on Sunday? THE RIDERS WON!!!

Although I don't live in the province anymore (except for a month each summer) I'll always be a Rider fan, like virtually every other ex-pat I've ever met. We're a loyal bunch and while we've suffered over the years, that was all wiped out yesterday. How sweet it is!

I was a reporter for the Saskatoon Star Phoenix when the Riders last won in 1989 and I wandered the streets and bars late into the night gathering colour for my story on the fan reaction after the game. What a feeling.

So I can only imagine how good it felt last night in the Queen City.

Congratulations to everyone in Regina -- and to Rider fans everywhere. It's been a long wait, but it was worth it.


Anonymous said...

You should have seen was crazy. I could not believe how many Rider fans were there. The place was a sea of Green. I was very lucky to be able to take part in the fun. Neither my Dad or I will forget this one....

Dave said...

You were a lucky man to be there. And what a celebration when they arrived back in Regina yesterday! 8,000 people braving the cold to welcome home the team at their home field. Kind of brought (frozen) tears to my eyes...

Arthur Slade said...

Saskatoon was pretty wild, too. Took a spin, well a crawl down 8th street after the game to see all the crazy revelers. Go Riders!