Monday, December 10, 2007

Free Christmas tunes from Magnatune

cover_200.jpgIf you're looking for some new Christmas music for the holidays, you'll want to check out a free download from Magnatunes, via founder John Buckman's blog.

For the next couple of weeks, they're giving away a Christmas compilation they've put together from Magnatune artists. There's a good selection of stuff and it will be great to have playing in the background at your Christmas party. (I haven't got my invite yet, by the way.)

When you head to the download page, you'll notice right away some of the features that make Magnatunes such an interesting place. For one thing, their motto is "We are not evil." That's a good start.

The next interesting factoid is that their music is all DRM-free - always. And you have a wide variety of choices in how you want to receive it. You can get a CD (and pick your own price) or you can download the music in a variety of formats. And if you ever lose the file, you can always download another copy for no cost.

It's an interesting place. I recommend taking some time to look around their website after you download your free Christmas music.

And if you're into books and looking for some alternatives to the traditional way of buying and selling your collection, check out Bookmooch, Buckman's latest creation. Here's an interview that helps to explain the concept.

Happy listening!

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