Friday, December 14, 2007

Interesting what we don't hear about sometimes

There's a major vote in the US Senate next week, which could decide whether a handful of large media corporations will be allowed to get even larger. But you haven't seen much about it in the media.

Now I know that sitting here in Canada, we don't have to worry about anything like that, now that Conrad Black is going to jail and Izzy Asper is gone. But still...should we be worried?

Plenty of people think so. And some of them have put together a video to rally support against the plans for consolidation. Here's the video, with an introduction from the blog:

Powerful U.S. Senators from both parties berated FCC Chairman Kevin Martin about his plans to open the floodgates of media consolidation across America on December 18th. And Martin didn’t flinch.

It’s easy to stand firm when you’re a Bush operative with the backing of the White House and a seven digit paycheck waiting for you when you quit your job.

Opposition to media titans like Rupert Murdoch buying up more media is a reaction to the pathetic state of journalism and entertainment. To drive home the point, Free Press launched a 3-minute “Junk Media” video to sound the alarm, and rally opposition to the December 18th vote:

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