Monday, March 05, 2007

The search for Autumn

This is a wonderful story. It's about an interest that becomes an obsession, then a mystery, and finally leads to a surprising (to someone who used to live near there) conclusion.

It's a story about a journalist's attempts to track down the photographer who snapped an image used in one of the default Windows XP screensavers. It wasn't what he expected.

Perhaps I'm drawn to it because I also suffer from the occasional obsession while perched here on the edge of my seat in front of this computer monitor. Of course, I don't have the Windows wallpaper, but I still find plenty of things to intrigue me. And there are plenty of days that I devote far too much time to that pursuit.

It's also a damn good read, by a gifted writer. I recommend it.

(Thanks to David Pogue for the pointer.)

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