Thursday, March 01, 2007

Friday fun for March 2, 2007

Photography -- specifically cool pictures -- is the theme for this week. And I've also thrown in a video that seems particularly apt, since Roxy, our Golden retriever, had surgery this week.

First, the video. Ever wonder what Olivia Newton-John has been doing since she finished the movie version of Grease? you know! Click the video below or use this link to find out.

Now, for the photos...feel free to branch off from any of these sites for lots more interesting stuff.

For a Prairie boy like me, there's nothing like a good storm photo to bring back memories of home. But I've rarely seen storms like these ones!

And here's something that I've often wished I'd done with our family. What a treasured keepsake this website will become. And in the meantime, what an interesting thing for us to look at.

And finally, check out this photo of Toronto. Try to figure out why you're looking at it. (HINT: Move your cursor from one side to the other...)

So what do you think? have you got any cool photo sites to share?

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