Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday fun for Mar 16, 2007

I've just got a single video for you this week. But it's a long one and it's worth it.

This car goes really, really fast.

True, there is a lot of talk about global warming and the need to reduce our dependency on oil and run more efficient cars, etc.

But there are times when you see a car that you just sit back and say "Wow!"

This is one of those times.

The car is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4. It's the world's "fastest, most powerful, and most expensive street-legal production car in the world." It goes 407 kmh. It's got 10 radiators. And a stereo. And airbags. And it costs about CDN $1.9 million. Wow.

Here's a story about the Bugatti in Wikipedia. And here's the link to the official Bugatti website (but beware, it's a Flash site that takes a long time to load.) And here's an interesting article about the technology in this amazing piece of machinery.

But words aside, seeing is believing, as they say.

So check out this video to get a sense of just how ridiculously fast this thing is. It's a longish video (about 8 minutes or so) but it's well done. And even if you're not that crazy about fast cars (but seriously, who isn't?) you'll still like it.


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rightantler said...

This is impressive, but for me still doesn't get near the record held by Thrust SSC, set in 1997 of 1,228 km/h :-) The wikipedia entry on Thrustssc is good and even the old website is still up - inspirational stuff!