Saturday, July 22, 2006

Proud Papa - Ontario champions edition - UPDATED

You can tell by the smile on Jaime's face that things went well today at the Ontario Championships as Jaime took the gold medal in the Under 23 Lightweight Women's Single! It was a great win for Jaime, especially since she had lost to the second-place boat last weekend at the St. Catherine's Invitational by a large margin.

But today, Jaime was strong the whole race and pulled away convincingly in the last 500 metres to win the gold. Now she's well-placed for the rubber match at the Henley regatta August 8-13. It's looking like it's going to be a great race.

Kelly wasn't as fortunate, as her Jr. Womens' 4 broke a rudder and ended up fourth in their heat so they didn't make the final.

But both Kelly and Jaime are in action again on Sunday, so we'll be back out at the course in Welland bright and early. I'll let you know if there is more gold shining through the rain.

SUNDAY UPDATE -- Jaime kept her string going today, by winning her second gold medal in the Sr. Women's Lightweight Doubles competition. Her partner, Lauren Chewter, struggled to make weight, but she did it, and the two of them had a great day, winning the final in convincing fashion.

Kelly, for the second day in a row had a less satisfying day. Her Under 19 Women's Eight had high hopes for a gold, but just as they were backing into the starter's blocks in the final, their race was cancelled. A severe thunderstorm was brewing and the course officials made the call to cancel the regatta with 6 races left. Darn!

So that wraps up the Ontario regatta season for this year. There's just the Henley regatta left for this summer. Jaime is entered in the Single, Double and Eight, while Kelly is hoping to row the Single, Four and Eight. We'll see. It runs from August 8-13. Then the movers show up on the 14th and we all leave Hamilton on the 15th. Quite a month...

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