Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm still an Apple fan

I'm still a huge Apple fan. I've just convinced my wife to buy Apple computers for her new business in Victoria -- and she's delighted with the outcome.

I own several Mac's myself, and at least one of my kids is using one. The others are still getting by with Windows, while they wait for me to offer to buy them a new one. Maybe I will...

Lately, a couple of people whose opinions I respect have switched back to Windows machines (which I still have several of, by the way.) They've done it for a variety of reasons, all of which may be valid - I'm not really sure.

But for me, I continue to delight in the hardware and the software, and the way it all seems to work just that much better than any Windows machine I've used.

Today, I came across an article in Wired News by Leander Kahney called Why I Love Apple. I couldn't agree more.

Kahney uses his discovery of a simple software feature in his Mail program to illustrate the attention to detail and user experience that makes Macs different from most other computers.

Of course, all computers do the stuff you need to get done. But there's a lot to be said for adding some "style" to things. And the Mac does it well. That's why I love Apple, too.

Update -- I just found a great post by Kathy Sierra on the Creating Passionate Users blog that talks about why great design makes things so much better -- she could be talking about Apple.

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