Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blogger's Block -- it's real

I've never had a huge problem with writer's block, but this blogger's block -- now that's something I can relate to.

Hello, and yes, I know I've been a little remiss lately in my blogging. Thanks to all of you that sent those well-worded little missives demanding to know what the heck I've been up to and why wasn't I keeping up-to-date.

The truth is -- I was pretty much unplugged for two weeks.

I wasn't off-line. I was still working and doing e-mail and keeping up with some things. But I wasn't reading my RSS feeds or checking the web for cool stuff or even listening to podcasts. I went pretty much cold turkey for awhile.

And you know something? It was OK. Sure, I suffered a bit. And I get a queasy feeling in my stomach when I look at how many articles are sitting in my feed reader in-basket just waiting for me to get to them. Same with my Ipod and all those podcasts.

But what the heck. I'll probably just skim through them and delete most without even reviewing. There's plenty more coming in every day.

What I've been busy with is getting ready for our big move from Hamilton, Ontario all the way across the country to Victoria, British Columbia!

Monday night, I bid adieu to my wife, Heather, who is now set up and working in Victoria. I'll be following along later in August, after I pack up the house, drive Kelly down to Louisville and then head out across country to Victoria, via Regina. What a trip!

Jaime, our other daughter, will be driving back with me, since she's living in Victoria. And our son, Cory, will be staying in Hamilton.

We're all pretty excited, although turning into empty-nesters in such a dramatic fashion is going to be a bit traumatic, I suspect. But I'll keep you informed about what's happening as we roll along.

For now, I'm finishing up a contract with a company in Toronto, where I'm working until the end of the month. So for the next few weeks, I'll be blogging fairly regularly. Once I hit the road, I'm not sure how often I'll be reporting in.

I've got a whole whack of topics that I've been hoping to cover but just haven't gotten around to, such as:

The Cuban musicians that are touring Saskatchewan, thanks to the hard work of my two best friends, Gary Robins and Carol Olson, of Blue Sky Cultural Connections. You'll love the part about the blocked faxes and other skulduggery.

Seeing the legendary Yardbirds in concert, at the equally legendary Corktown Tavern in Hamilton. Where else can you hear such kick-ass music in a sauna?

Our new house in Victoria (that's it on the right) and the amazing story of just how small a world we live in and how fate played such a big role in our getting it.

The lowdown on the upcoming Henley Regatta. It will be the last regatta I'll be getting to in Ontario for awhile. Talk about the end of an era, although there should still be plenty of Proud Papa Updates to come.

Tantalized yet? Well, stay tuned. I'll be back soon with details.


Melanie said...

Oh my. Can I move in with you? I think that's my dream house!

Dave said...

Of course! Everyone is welcome. Although I should point out that we don't have the whole house...just the upper half. But it's over 1,000 Sq Ft., so we should be able to accomodate everyone. We do expect to see a lot more visitors in Victoria than we ever had in Hamilton.