Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How to do almost anything

I know this blog is called TheDailyUpload, which implies that I'm only supposed to put up one post a day. And I just stuck one up there a few minutes ago.

But since I haven't been as regular with posting as I would like, I thought I'd add another right now. And this is one that you can bookmark and play around with for awhile, while you're waiting for my next Upload.

So, if you use technology in your life (and who doesn't?) then this handy guide to useful hacks, which has been put together by Wired Magazine, might come in handy.

It's got great ideas for taking better photos, organizing your website, being more productive at work -- even how to save the world.

It's kind of a fun read, so take your time and explore. And I'll get busy on coming up with my next Upload -- maybe I'll even elaborate on that serendipity thing I mentioned about our house in Victoria!

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