Monday, October 24, 2005

Rowing Update - Boston Wrap-Up

Well, we're back in Hamilton, after a fabulous finish to our trip to Boston for the Head of the Charles regatta.

Right now, I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open, so this post will be short.

But I've got great news! Jaime and her varsity four from UVIC blew their way through the competition on Sunday and rowed a superb race. They ended up winning their event by 19 seconds and they did it in impressive fashion.

UVIC started out in the 11th position and by the time they came by us near the last turn of the race, they were on their way to passing eight other boats. They were going so fast when they went past us the other boats looked like they were hardly moving! It was a very impressive display of raw power. They rowed the entire course keeping a steady rate of 32 strokes per minute all the way.

The picture I've added here shows them on their way past one of the boats ahead of them. UVIC's in the top of the picture. That's Jaime second from the right. Although you can't really tell in a still photo, they only took about two strokes to whip past this boat. All in all, it was a great result and very, very satisfying for Jaime. She and the rest of her crew were really pleased with the result.

Now they're looking forward to the Canadian University Rowing Championships, which are coming up in Victoria on November 5. And fortunately for Heather (and tough for me) Heather is going to be in Victoria to watch Jaime row once more.

She's going to be there to see some of the clients she'll be following when she does a locum for a couple of Victoria midwives during January and February. And then, of course, she's moving out there permanently in July!

Anyway, time to wrap this up for today. The end of a very satisfying rowing season (for me and Kelly, anyway). And a very successful year in Boston. I have a feeling that both of the girls will be there again in the future.

Oh, one more thing. Have I mentioned that Kelly is being recruited to join a US College rowing team? Actually, she has four colleges actively talking to her. And next week, she heads out on her first recruiting visit. She's off to Pulman Washington to visit Washington State, and then to Seattle to check out the program at the University of Washington.

The next week, she's off to visit the Univerisity of Louisville and after Christmas, Sacremento State plans to bring her out to California.

What an exciting time for her...and us! I'll keep you informed as things progress.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jaime and Kelly. When I checked the results online, I thought maybe I was misinterpreting the #1 ranking for UVic. Maybe they were in Lane 1? But it became pretty clear it meant they won. We raised a glass to Kelly and Jaime at dinner Sunday.