Saturday, October 22, 2005

Rowing Update - Head of the Charles

This regatta is really special and what a treat to be here. As you can see from this picture, Friday was chaotic, with all kinds of boats out on the course Friday afternoon.

We arrived here about 2 pm on Friday, after spending the night near Albany. Kelly was able to hit the water and row the course, which is a great advantage, since she's never been here before. Jaime had already arrived and her team had been out on the course earlier in the day.

But that was yesterday and right now, I'm actually sitting in our hotel room on Saturday night. The weather today wasn't quite as turned cold and a bit wet. But Kelly's race went well.

I've got a picture of her here, partway through the race, just as she passes under the Elliot St. Bridge, one of the most exciting places to watch the race. Kelly ended up in 17th place, in a field which included a lot of experienced rowers. While she would have loved to have ended up a bit higher, I'm really proud of her placing today.

And speaking of the Elliot St. Bridge, I thought I'd add this great picture of Jaime and her Mom with the bridge in the background. It was taken just shortly after Kelly went by.

Tomorrow, it's Jaime's turn. She'll be rowing with her varsity 4 from UVIC in the Lightweight Championship 4 event, and her crew is the odds-on favourite to win the event. She's very excited today and looking forward to tomorrow.

I'm still pinching myself to think that Heather and I have two such talented daughters here at this, the largest regatta in the world. What a weekend. And it's not over yet. I'll send an update when I get back to Hamilton. But if you want to find out how Jaime did, check out the on-line results. She's racing in the Lightweight Fours - Women.

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