Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rowing Update - Boston version

This weekend is The Head of the Charles regatta in Boston. And I'm happy to report that both Jaime and Kelly are participating. How about that?

The head of the Charles is one of the largest regattas in North America and it's a pretty cool event. Heather and I, along with Kelly and her boyfriend, Spencer, are heading out tonight on our way. We'll stop somewhere along the way tonight and head into Boston by noon tomorrow (I hope.)

Jaime is already there with her Varsity 4 teammates from UVIC. So we're looking forward to seeing her again and watching them both race.

I hope to have a good connection in Boston, so I'll plan to post some updates while I'm there this weekend. You can also follow along with the results on-line, if you like. I'm not sure what they'll have on the weekend, but check and see.

More later...

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