Monday, July 18, 2005

Proud Papa - Rowing Update

Another weekend, another regatta come and gone. This week, Jaime and Kelly (that's Kelly in the picture, with her gold medal) were rowing in the St. Catherines Invitational. It was a very successful weekend for both, but especially for Kelly. Kelly brought home two gold medals for Leander, in the single and the double, while Jaime placed second in her single and fourth in her double.

Both of them looked in great shape, and they look to be peaking at just the right time. The Henley regatta is Aug 2-8, and that's the big one, for the rowing fraternity. Both of them will be rowing their single and a double.

While Jaime didn't win, her silver medal finish was historic. She finished ahead of Caitlin Pauls, from St. Catherines, who has been her arch-rival through her entire rowing career. Saturday was the first time that Jaime has ever beaten Caitlin, going back to their first high-school regatta. Caitlin, who is now rowing at Central Florida University, finished about three boat lengths back, in third place. A most satisfying result for Jaime, and nearly as good as first place.

This coming weekend, both will be in action at the Ontario Championships, the last regatta before Henley. Kelly will be rowing the double with her partner, Laura Cers, while Jaime will be teamed up with her partner, Jessica Southall, in the lightweight double. And of course, they'll both be rowing their singles as well.

Watch for more pictures from all the regatta coming soon.


Paul said...

Congratulations to all the Trainors!! Well DOne.

Paul said...

Geez ... it must be a long time since we've communicated ... I spelled your last name wrong. I apologize to all the TRAYNORS!

Dave said...

No problem Paul...we answer to pretty much anything! Thanks for commenting.