Friday, July 22, 2005

Back it up now

You do back up don't you? You know you should...but perhaps you've been avoiding it, thinking about it, but haven't done it. We're all guilty.

However, I've bought an external harddrive and I've been pretty good about back up all my stuff diligently. I've even backed up Heather's stuff fairly often. But alas, I didn't back up Kelly's hard drive...nor did she. And a couple of weeks ago, it died. Completely. Very sad, as you might expect.

If you're having trouble getting around to doing a back-up, or if you're still depending on things like CD's, tape drives or diskettes, consider switching to a hard disk. It makes all kinds of sense.

And while you're at it, consider what John Cleese has to say about the issue. He's the star of a hilarious new video about the perils of not backing up your stuff.

Thanks to GlennLog for pointing me to the Cleese video.

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