Sunday, July 24, 2005

Another Proud Papa Rowing Update

Just a quick post after the Ontario Championships regatta. Kelly and Jaime had another good weekend, and they are both feeling pretty positive heading into the Henley Regatta in 10 days.

Kelly won the gold medal in the Under 19 Women's Single, with a very convincing win today. This followed on a third-place showing with her partner, Laura Ceyrs, in the Under 19 Double on Saturday. Following their win last week in St. Catherines, they were a bit frustrated. But this weekend's results just make them that much more determined to finish well at Henley.

Jaime chalked up her second silver medal in as many weekends, finishing just out of first place in her Under 23 Womens' Single. She lost to the same woman that beat her last weekend. But once again, Jaime finished ahead of Caitlin Pauls, who Jaime also was ahead of last weekend, proving that last weekend was no fluke. Jaime also finished fourth in the Under 23 Women's Double with her partner Jess Southall. They looked good the whole race, but they're on the young side of the age bracket, and the maturity of their competition showed as the race moved into the later stages. They're also looking forward to Henley.

I've got some pictures from the weekend, and I'll put up some links when I get them.

More later...

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Anonymous said...

you should be careful what you post as the competition my read it and use it as motivation when it comes to the big races such as henley where it looks as if your daughter's rival beat her once again.