Friday, February 25, 2005

Where reporter is a four-letter word

I used to be a reporter, so I've watched the stories coming out of Iraq with a professional interest.

Today, Radio Netherland has a good story about what it's like to be an independent reporter covering the war in Iraq.

It's shocking how many journalists have been killed covering that war. And few, if any of the killings are even being investigated. This is a story worth reading, if you want another view of the way you've been getting the news from Baghdad.

These brave journalists deserve our respect.

And in the same vein, here's one about how tough life in Iraq is for an independent journalist.

Finally, here's an interesting piece about the flap over some swear words in a PBS documentary that was supposed to run on US TV. It's not strictly about Iraq, but it ties in to what we've been talking about.

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