Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fake journalist sets off a blog firestorm

Not long ago, President Bush held one of his rare news conferences. One of the reporters he singled out to ask a question has been exposed as a "fake." This is an interesting story, and looks at a lot of stuff about journalism, the White House and the blogosphere. Read what Tim Karr of says about the issue. Tim's blog also contains lots of links to other stories about this.

This is an interesting story for journalist-types and PR people. Of course, it's also just a great bit of sleuthing...with a real slimy side coming up as well. Did people go too far in "outing" this guy? Comments?

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Paul said...

No, I don't think people went to far. When you want positions of authority or occupations in which you are a public figure, you must be willing to accept that your life will be an open book to the public.

As a "journalist," he must find it ironic that he's been outed by people wanting to discover the truth.