Wednesday, February 02, 2005

How Apple will take over the World

OK, I admit it. I like conspiracy theories. I love the way that some people can take just enough fact, and start weaving together their own speculation with "what if?" scenarios, to come up with a really plausible theory.

The computer/Web world is full of these theories. Part of it comes from the phenomenal success (and subsequent jealousy/envy/admiration) of people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. And a lot of it is because so many incredibly bright and talented people are working in that world every day.

One of my favourite writers about the technology world is Robert X. Cringely, who writes a weekly column that I never miss. I've written about him before at least once. Probably more.

His latest column talks about the Mac Mini one of Apple's latest offerings. But what makes this latest column really fun is the stuff that some of his readers offer, about how Steve Jobs is going to take over the world.

Read it yourself here.

And remember -- it could be true...

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Paul said...

I'm not too familiar with the Mac Mini but I did finally have a look at the iPods the other day at Best Buy. They are so simple to use. I can't believe it stores 40GB worth of data! I thought it was just a vehicle for music but you can also store pictures and it has contact and calendar functions – it's just like a PalmPilot but with music and storage space up the wazoo. Because of all the goodies you get, it's a little pricey for me, but not that far out of my range. Very cool indeed!