Friday, December 03, 2004

Proud Papa -- Basketball edition

Since so many of you seemed to like the Proud Papa stuff for rowing, I thought I'd add one today for Kelly's Basketball. Kelly's team, Westdale, from Hamilton, is in the Ontario Senior Girls' AAAA championships this weekend. The OFSAA tournament is being held this year in Hamilton. As of right now, Kelly's team is 2-0, and doing all right.

They play tonight at 7 pm in the quarter-finals, and now the games are getting really tough. The quality of the play is exceptional and there are no easy wins from here on. It's sudden death all the way. The link above will take you to the scoreboard page of the tournament, which they're keeping fairly up-to-date.

Kelly is having a great tournament. She's playing a solid back-up centre role and her defense has been extraordinary. It's a real treat to watch the games. Too bad they weren't being broadcast, so I could tape them and pass them along to some of you. But I'll try to keep you up-to-date over the weekend on how things are going.

The quarter-finals are tonight (Friday) at 7 pm. Then the semi's are at 10 am Saturday, and the Gold and Bronze medal games are Saturday night. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

FRIDAY NIGHT UPDATE -- Westdale won! They beat a very strong Toronto Etobicoke team with an inspired surge in the first half to catch up, then pass the Gators. And once again, Kelly came off the bench with strong support at the centre position. In the second half, they held on to lead at 3 quarters, and pull it off in the fourth. The final score was 74-66, thanks to some great foul shooting. They play the semi's Saturday at 10 am!

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