Saturday, December 04, 2004

Basketball's done -- back to rowing

Well, sometimes there just isn't quite enough fuel in the tank...and that's what happened to Westdale tonight. They dropped a tough decision to Sarnia Northern in the bronze medal game at the OFSAA tournament. The final score was 45-40. That brings their season to a close on a bit of a sour note, losing two games in a row. But once the tears have dried, the girls will be able to look back at a very successful year.

In the bronze medal game, Westdale ended up losing three starters with five fouls each in the fourth quarter, and they just didn't have enough juice to overcome a late game deficit. They were leading at the half by four points, but a 6-0 run by Sarnia to start the third sealed the game, as it turned out. Oh was a great season.

Kelly continued her impressive performance. She had a great tournament, proving that she belongs at this level. She gave consistently strong defence when asked to step in and I expect she'll be one of the leaders next year. So that's it for basketball for now...back to rowing.

Of course, Kelly being Kelly, one sport at a time isn't nearly enough. As well as being busy every day with rowing, Kelly will also be playing on Westdale's senior girls' volleyball team! So perhaps another OFSAA tournament is in the works in about three months time?

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