Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The President comes to town

Are we taking this whole President's visit thing too seriously? I mean really, he's just coming to chat. And yet our security forces have created the largest security operation in our history (according to one news report) to protect one man. Hmmm...Does anyone deserve that?

The CBC is doing an interesting item all day today. This link will take you to a blog from Ottawa reporter Paddy Moore, who's walking around Ottawa with a blackberry and a camera phone, filing constantly. It's kind of interesting, although he seems to always be struggling to find a decent place to see what's going on. Not too exciting, but worth a look.

I guess I should be more excited about all this, but somehow, it just seems like so much nonsense. Sort of a case of everyone taking themselves way too seriously. I can't help but compare what's going on today to what is happening in Kiev. There, thousands of people are milling about, with police virtually nowhere to be seen.

Speaking of Kiev, Salon.com has an interesting item comparing the way that election fraud is treated in Ukraine with what's happened in Ohio. Take a look.

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