Monday, April 13, 2009

Fallen forest

Fallen forest
Originally uploaded by Dave Traynor
The forest has many moods. When there has been cutting, the logs lay where they fall. This isn't logging for profit. The cuts are being done by the local municipality to bring down winter storm damage and remove trees that could cause damage or are a threat to people using the parks.

But in the early morning light, they create a mysterious landscape that I enjoy. This photo is an attempt to recreate that feeling by playing with the colours and texture of the photo. A photograph can be many things. It is a record of what we saw but it can also be a view into what we see. Snapshots capture what we're looking at and today's cameras do that beautifully. But when we are in a photo, we experience the sounds, smells, heat, cold, light, dark, taste - information that we retain in our memory, whether conscious or not.

Sometimes a photo can bring those memories back. That's what I'm experimenting with here. It will take awhile for me to understand how the various options available through this new software work and how they can affect the image you'll see. But I've got lots of time and lots of memories to work with.

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