Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why I didn't make the Olympics

I've been away. If you were wondering what I was up to, check out the video below. One thing I wasn't doing was attending the Olympic Games.

Ever wonder what it takes to get to the Olympics? Well, here are some examples of performances that won't win you a spot on the team.

The video is called Why I didn't make the Olympics.


(Note: I'm not sure why there appear to be two images of the video appearing here...but clicking on the top one seems to work.)

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Sue Horner said...

My experience trying to somersault over the horse in gym class: I flipped over and landed flat on my back on the other side. Knocked the breath right out of me and I never attempted it again! Watching the Olympics, I wondered how many injuries the athletes overcame along the way. Bravo to them!
(And welcome back!)