Monday, September 29, 2008

Going car-free not as easy as it sounds

I've managed to take my bike to work a few times since my last post. It takes me about 35 minutes and I wander along some nice trails, largely skipping busy streets. I've also picked up a monthly bus pass for those trips downtown or other places where I don't want to take my bike and have to find a secure place to lock it up.

This weekend, I went out and bought a nice set of pannier bags, so I can make short trips to the grocery store or the library and be able to carry stuff home easily. They're also great for carrying rain gear on my commute. That's definitely required here in Victoria - especially in the winter.

So the pieces for my switch to a more carbon-friendly approach to my life are coming together. But you know, it's still tough to consider giving up my car.

It's not because my car is unique or high-end or anything like that. In fact, it needs expensive brake work and it leaks when it rains. But I still find it nice to have. Whether it's taking the dogs to the park for an extended outing or a quick trip up to Langford, where our storage locker is located, or even running Jaime and her bike back home after supper, when it's too dark to ride - it sure is handy to have a car.

So for now, I've decided to keep the car around. I'm using it a lot less and that's a good thing. But I'm not ready to sell it just yet. I am really enjoying my bike and although the hills in this city make biking a challenge, the abundance of bike lanes and trails keep me happy. I'll see how it goes when the wet, cool weather arrives in a month or so.

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