Sunday, April 20, 2008

House Diary #1: The Questionnaire

In recent weeks, I've mentioned Darren Barefoot's blog on a few occasions.

Darren and his wife Julie Szabo recently settled in Victoria after a year living abroad. They've ended up in Victoria so they can easily get to Pender Island, where they're going to be building their home.

Darren is going to blog about the experience over the next couple of years and so I thought I'd point you to the first of these posts. If you're interested in following along, I recommend you add his RSS feed to your browser. (If you don't know what an RSS feed is, just Google how to add an rss feed.)

House Diary #1: The Questionnaire: "

Our Moss Covered PropertyThis is the first in a series of longish blog posts about the process of building our house on Pender Island. If I’m sufficiently dedicated, one of these should appear every couple of weeks for the next two years. These posts are likely to be longer and more contemplative than the other writing on this site. And, obviously, they’re concerned with the process of building a house on an island. If that doesn’t float your boat, skip ‘em.

Before we left for Malta, we had our first meeting with John Gower, our architect. He came highly recommended from a friend, and specializes in building ‘modestly-sized, comfortable homes, beautifully and simply designed’, often in remote locations. His company, after all, is called ‘BC Mountain Homes’. Additionally, we liked the aesthetic of a number of his modern house designs. Finally, he’d previously worked on Pender Island, and so was familiar with the local planning process and knew of some options for general contractors...

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