Sunday, April 27, 2008

Glenn Wakesfield continues his journey despite rollover

Kim Chow.jpgVictoria sailor Glenn Wakefield, who is circling the globe alone in his boat Kim Chow, had a bit of a scare this week when his boat rolled over near the Falkland Islands. That's the Kim Chow in the picture, with a ship from the Argentine Navy nearby.

The photo was taken from an Argentine Navy plane that was sent to see what was happening.

Despite the mishap, Glenn is reporting that all is well and he's going to carry on.

You can see a report from Canadian Press here and check the latest reports from the blog about the voyage here.

And while you're on the blog, consider sending a note to Glenn, which his wife, MaryLou, who is here in Victoria, will make sure gets sent along to him, although not likely until after he sails around Cape Horn. But I know MaryLou will appreciate the contact.

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