Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rewriting history

Sometimes things just jump out at you and find them interesting.

That's what happened with this story, about some archeologists uncovering what they believe may be the oldest victim of a gunshot.
The 500-year-old skull, found in a long-forgotten Inca cemetery outside Lima, Peru, had two round holes just across from each other. Nearby was a plug of bone, recovered intact, that carried the distinct markings of an old musket ball.

Archaeologists sensed they had unearthed an important find, but it wasn't until months later that a powerful electron microscope scan confirmed it by finding traces of lead in the skull. The victim, who was between 18 and 22 years old when he died, had been shot by a Spanish conquistador.
The story is sobering and fascinating. It's a dark part of our history as North Americans, especially those of us who have European blood in our history.

Here's the link to the Washington Post article.

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