Thursday, May 31, 2007

Taking your online stuff offline

Now this sounds like a good idea.
Google Inc. (GOOG) said on Wednesday it had created Web software that runs both online, and offline, marking a sea change for the Internet industry by letting users work on planes, trains, spotty connections and even in the most remote locations.

The technology, called Google Gears, would allow users of computers, phones and other devices to manipulate Web services like e-mail, online calendars or news readers whether online, intermittently connected to the Web or completely offline.

By bridging the gulf between new Web services and the older world of desktop software, where any data changes are stored locally on users’ machines, Google is pushing the Web into whole new spheres of activity and posing a challenge to rival Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), leader in the desktop software era.

While I remain delighted by my Mac and the applications that I use on it, I often find myself taking advantage of Google's various on-line applications. And my wife uses those apps extensively in her business, so that she and her partner can communicate with each other and share info all the time no matter where they are.

So the ability to get that usefulness and apply it in situations where you don't have web access sounds like a new "killer app" to me.

Here's the link to the full story.

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