Saturday, May 05, 2007

Proud Papa Update -- Kentucky Derby edition

Today is Derby day in Louisville -- when the whole city shuts down and goes crazy for the Kentucky Derby. And guess who will be attending this year -- dressed in her formal gown and a trendy turquoise hat? That's right -- Kelly is going to the Derby!

We got a phone call this morning from a very excited daughter.

"Guess where I'm going??!!" she said as soon as the call was put through.

"You're going to the Derby?" screamed back her mother, who was even more excited than Kelly, if that was possible.

It turns out that a friend's mother had an extra ticket and so they were wondering whether Kelly might be interested in joining them in box seats on the finish line? Hard to believe, but true. Who knows? Maybe she'll even meet the Queen, who's attending the race as part of her visit to the US. The Queen will be watching from Millionaire's Row, which Heather and Kelly had a tour of in February, when Heather visited Louisville.

I don't know whether Kelly found a camera to take with her or not, but if she sends some pics I'll post some links. I'm sure she's going to have a great time.

It's a busy weekend for Kelly. This morning, she moved out of her dorm at the University of Louisville (school actually finished a week ago) and into her new house that she's renting with three of her rowing teammates. Then she's at the derby in the afternoon, and her fancy rowing wrap-up banquet tomorrow night. But her rowing season isn't quite over yet.

Next weekend Louisville will be racing in the NCAA Regional finals and they've got a pretty good chance of making it to the National finals, which are going to be held in Oak Ridge Tennessee, in three weeks. It would be the first time that Louisville has made it to the National Championships, and I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for them.

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Anonymous said...

Update: Apparently Kelly's turquoise hat secured her title as best dressed at the Derby (this information is from a source who attended the event - and may or may not be the wearer herself...)

P.S. Dad! The clock is ticking - only 70 minutes remaining for you to post this week's Friday Fun. Just wanted to alert you, because if you miss the deadline, what will you call it?!