Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday fun for May 25, 2007

A telemarketer's worst nightmare

Have you ever had the urge to turn the tables on a telemarketer? You know, make him or her wait on the other end of the line or figure out a way to make them feel as annoyed as you do?

Well, I found this recording of one guy who came up with quite the little scheme to make this telemarketer's life really interesting.

Give it a listen by clicking this link.

Let's slow things down a bit

Seriously slow. Remember years ago when you first saw those amazing pictures of a drop of milk exploding when it hit the ground? Or a speeding bullet, captured by a high-speed camera? I've always been captivated by slow-motion. Watching all the things that are happening so fast that you never realize what's happening.

Well, now they've got cameras that will slow things down by up to 1000 times. That will stretch a second of action out to 15 minutes!

This short video gives a good sample of what they're capable of. I don't know what program this is taken from, but I'd like to see the whole thing. Let me know if any of you find it before I do.

Here's the link.

Some serious guitar boogie

I haven't featured a guitar video for awhile...but this one is worth the wait. Maybe it's because I was tooling around on my own the other day, but listening to what a single guitar is capable of is a lot of fun. And if you like boogie, you'll like this clip. It's a bit long, but it will get your toes tapping.

Here's the link


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