Thursday, February 15, 2007

Friday fun for Feb 16, 2007

Cool Things You Discover

One of the things that's great about YouTube and Google Video is how often you find things you've never even heard of, let alone had a chance to appreciate. Today, we'll look at a few of them.

Ever heard of sand art? And not the castles on the beach kind...I haven't heard of it either, but this woman does some amazing things with it. Click on the video below, or use this link.

And here's another art form that I doubt very much you will have heard of before. I certainly haven't. Again, click on the video below, or use this link.

This clip is not very artistic, but it's very funny. And yes, strange but true, the guy in these videos did go on to become the most powerful man in the world. Watch it on video below, or use this link.

And finally, here's something that does double duty for me. It's something that you have probably never seen before - a harp guitar? - and it's a guitar video!

Enjoy. Click on the video below or use this link.

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michael said...

wow, the sand painting brought back memories of NFB shorts and animation.

oh in in the event you try to use the acronym html tag in blogger, don't, it wont let you.

p.s. NFB means National Film Board of Canada this is the site, they have free movies if you live near one.

Dave said...

So, what is the acronym tag html, anyway? You're right about the NFB -- I remember those videos too.