Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday fun for Jan 26, 2007

After all the fuss this week with my attempts to get Blogger's Custom Domains option working, I'm not sure whether anyone is actually seeing (or reading) this post. But it's almost the weekend, so it's time for another Friday Fun session.

This week, I've got three items, which will delight and amaze you:

1) A set of lyrics (ready to be turned into a great video)

2) A video about spiders (seriously!)

3) Another video on magnets.

Intrigued? Here we go...

David Pogue's ode to the RIAA

The RIAA is the group that represents record companies in the US. They've built a well-deserved reputation for being absolutely nuts about protecting their copyright, with one of their favourite tactics being taking individuals to court for illegal downloads.

New York Times' technology writer David Pogue has written a delightful parody of the Village Peoples' hit, YMCA, which you should enjoy singing along with.

Here's the link to the lyrics.

Spiders on drugs

Remember those great TV spots from the Canadian Wildlife Service that we used to watch? With the lovely music and the loons? Well, they're back...sort of. A Canadian film-maker has copied the style to bring us the results of a fascinating experiment that looks at what happens when illegal drugs are tested on spiders. The interesting results are narrated by CBC's Scott Walker, a well-known radio voice to many of us.

Here's the link to YouTube
, or click on the video below.

I'm not sure what this shows us, but it's pretty cool

See for yourself.

Here's the link to YouTube, or click on the video below.

Have a good weekend.

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