Sunday, January 21, 2007

An amazing sight at the centre of Antarctica

The team of adventurers I've written about here over the last couple of months has arrived at their destination - the POI (Pole of Inaccessibility), at the geographic centre of Antarctica.

And what a story! They arrived to find a bust of Lenin standing guard on the spot, a statue left behind by departing Russian scientists in 1958. Since then, no one had seen it, yet it stood tall waiting for them after all these years.

The group has posted some remarkable pictures and a complete account of their last hectic push to their destination. It's worth a read, if you haven't been following it live on-line.

Their hard-won victory isn't the end of their adventures, however. Because of the high cost of aviation fuel, the group intend to continue their trek back towards the coastline until their supplies run out. Then they'll be picked up by an aircraft and taken to another Soviet base on the coast, from where they'll head back to Cape Town, South Africa.

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