Saturday, May 27, 2006

Update on that great Microsoft does the Ipod video

Remember that hilarious video I pointed you to back in March about how Microsoft is different from Apple? Well, whoever put it up originally has taken it down from YouTube and the link doesn't work anymore.

Fortunately, you can still see it here, on John Battelle's Searchblog. It's definitely worth checking out. (I'll wait while you go back and review it. It's worth it.)

All done? Good. Isn't that great?

Well, according to Batelle, the video was actually an internal Microsoft video, which makes it even funnier! I always wondered who did it. And I suppose that explains why it's not up on YouTube anymore.

You've got to admit, they did a great job on the video, even if it only underscores the problems Microsoft has with over-doing things.

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