Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Be heard above the electronic din

If you've got a client who's demanding that you perform some magic to help them get noticed in today's increasingly crowded electronic marketplace, here's an article that might help.

The Fast Company blog has a short list of 5 tips to help business leaders "Be heard above the electronic din."

It's a good list. For example:
#4 - Live By the Blackberry, Die By It
If you're spending more than five minutes on an email, make it a phone call. Then follow up with a tactical email. A recent study shows that constantly checking email, voice mail, and so on temporarily lowers your IQ more than smoking marijuana does. "Email makes you dumb," Nelson says. If you want to be productive, it helps to eliminate constant distractions.

The pace of today's schedule can be nerve-wracking. But for most of us, we have to adapt. Anything that can help us "work smarter" is welcome.

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